Life as Art

Priyam Saini is a young artist and truth lover, living in Rishikesh, India.

She is a student of Advaita/Vedanta -- the direct path to peace of mind in daily living.

Art is her medium to process and share insights and gratitude in the world of names and forms.

Art or Decoration?

Life is not what we think it is.

Most people are dulled by a constant stream of thoughts that renders their visceral experience of restlessness and lack.

Priyam's acrylic art and her live workshops are unpretentious expressions of her moment here and now; not always easy, due to her sensitive health, but always dedicated to authenticity.

The Way Out Is In

Our innate peace and divine intuition is always available; but seemingly veiled by our own faulty thinking and life-long, unexamined muscle-memory.

Our old ways of pursuing pleasure and avoiding pain does obviously not deliver unbroken peace of mind!

The paradox is that what we really want is always Present, but outside the control of our thinking mind.

"If we replace the impulse to avoid uncomfortable feelings with a desire to face and explore them deeply, we find at their heart exactly what we were seeking by trying to avoid them."

The Path of Love And Beauty

Please consider supporting Priyam Saini by purchasing artworks from her Etsy Online Store or booking online classes with her.

You can reach her via Priyam@ArtInquiry.In or on Instagram.

Priyam became a full-time artist after leaving her banking career and marriage; she now lives in Rishikesh – the "yoga capital of the world".

Being a single woman in India, pursuing her spiritual clarity and humble financial freedom requires quite some bravery!

Spiritually she is inspired by Ramana Maharshi, Ramesh Balsekar, Gautam Sachdeva, Eckhart Tolle, Rupert Spira, et al.

Her inquiries and meditations point her back to effortless happiness, through peace of mind in daily living, independent of circumstances.

Life doesn't necessarily become easier, but simpler.